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Cyber Risk Monitoring Service

Cyber Risk Surveillance Service





Cyber Risk Surveillance Service (CyberWatch) with SecurityScorecard

Cyber Risk Surveillance Service (CyberWatch) with SecurityScorecard
Benefits of Cyber Risk Surveillance
  • Comparison of business risks and competitors in the same industry (Benchmarking)

  • Confidence in maintaining the cyber security of the organization (Security Exposure Assurance)

  • Know the risks and vulnerabilities of the system. (Vulnerabilities and Risk Signals)

  • Reduce Cyber Risk

  • Reduce chances of being attacked by ransom data.

  • It is information used to analyze threats according to the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2022 (Threat Intelligence).

Cyber Risk Report
  • The report compares the risk of the organization with the top 6 business competitors.

  • Cyber Risk Score Trend Report across 10 Risk Factors

  • Risk Score Report and the ability to reduce risks compared to competitors.

  • Cyber Ransom Attack Trend Score Report

  • Enterprise Cyber Assets Report

  • Vendor Detection report

  • In-depth system vulnerability report

  • Attack Surface Intelligence (Attack Surface Intelligence)

  • Create a plan to improve your cyber risk score.

Factor Analysis Cyber Risk 10 Factors
Network Security

It checks the security of the network system from the domain name, the IP address of the network equipment and the server. and analyzing vulnerabilities or misconfigurations in conjunction with public data sets. to determine whether the network entry and exit channels Host computers inside and outside any organization are at high risk. medium or low

DNS Health

It measures the security of the organization's DNS (Domain Name System) settings, including checking whether DNS Security is done to create security for the server computer.

Patching Cadence

It is an analysis of the speed of the organization to update the security system. Including checking whether an outdated operating system is being used.

Endpoint Security

It is an examination of the ability to protect and control employees' computers or terminal devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets to see how much they are.

IP Reputation

It detects whether an organization's IP address has been used for misconduct or harassment, such as sending spam or malware.

Application Security

It checks the security capabilities of websites, applications, databases.

Cubit Score

It measures various security values that an organization may have. Including checking whether the IP address of the organization has been used as a tool to deceive the public or not.

Hacker Chatter

It collects and analyzes hacker talks to see how much of an organization is mentioned.

Information Leak

It detects corporate data leaks which are published by hackers.

Social Engineering

Measures the susceptibility and potential risk of an organization to misleading its corporate name or IP address by using social engineering.

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