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PDPA Management Platform


PDPA Management Platform

​WISEWORKS PDPA Management Platform

PDPA Management Platform

PDPA Management Platform in the form of Software as Services (SaaS)
PD Inventory & LIA ​​Personal Data System
  • Record personal information

  • Based on the Legal Basis Law

  • Make a data flow chart

  • Refer to important documents such as agreements

Legitimate Interest Assessment
  • Assessing the use of the legitimate interest basis to comply with Section 24(5)

  • Record personal information under Section 39

  • Record the information list in accordance with Section 24,26

  • Determine the appropriate control measures based on the flow chart

  • Capable of managing data as a single point of contact

  • Able to refer to data exported to the data processor

  • Assist in deciding on the use of the Legitimate Interest Law

  • DPOs can be visualized and reviewed when information is required.

Consent Management & Cookie Consent Management System
  • Create an Electronics Form for a Consent Request Form

  • Manage Version for Consent

  • Connect consent to other systems via REST API

  • Verify the identity of the owner of personal information using email, signature, and SMS (OTP)

  • Support for obtaining minors' consent

Cookies Consent
  • Create E-forms to reduce paper usage. Configure and manage Consent on all systems

  • Consent List Center to search, sort, and deploy relevant tasks

  • It is convenient to connect to related systems by collecting consent requests via API

  • Ensure identity verification system in consent management

  • Generate QR Code and URL to access the form and create a consent channel for use on the website

  • Assisting in the accurate and quick management of functions such as search, change, and cancel

  • Covers cases for managing the consent of minors and the incompetent

  • Configure, manage and save cookies all from one central location.

Data Subject Right Management, a system to manage the request to exercise personal data subjects' rights
  • Create an action workflow to manage data subjects' permissions based on laws

  • Create a claim form in the form of a URL and QR code, for personal data owner’s request

  • Determine the criteria for accepting or rejecting the request

  • Keep track of progress request processing by utilizing legal rights

  • Summary report of the request

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