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Privacy Policy

AlphaSec Company Limited includes persons involved in the processing of personal data on orders or behalf of the Company. AlphaSec Company Limited referred to as the “Company,” recognizes the importance of personal information to trust that the company is transparent and responsible for the collection. Use or disclose personal information by the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 ("Personal Data Protection Act") and other relevant laws. This Privacy Notice (“Notice”) is prepared to provide details about the collection. Use or disclose (collectively, “process”) personal data processed by the Company. including employees and related persons acting on behalf of or behalf of the Company.

It is your consent to the general use and sharing of personal information the Company receives from customers or users (“Customers”) in any transaction between the Customer and the Company under this Privacy Notice.

1. Personal Information

Personal data means information about a natural person, which makes it possible to identify that person either directly or indirectly but does not include the information of the deceased in particular. Examples of personal data such as name - surname, date of birth, age, nationality, identification number, etc.

2. Sources of personal data

Information provided by the customer directly and voluntarily, such as when the customer registers/ subscribes/ creates a personal profile on the Company's website. or request products/services or visit the Company's website/call center/other communication channels or other activities such as seminars, surveys, or roadshows

Information is collected automatically through cookies or similar technologies when customers use the Company's services, such as websites or other applications.

Information received from affiliates.

Information obtained from third parties such as business partners, service providers, and social media providers.


3. Purpose of collecting personal data

To provide and improve the Company's products and services, including administration, maintenance, management, and operation of such products and services.

Customize related products and services by customer profiles

to provide information marketing information and to provide information about the Company's products and services.

to manage customer relationships

To verify or verify the identity of the User when the Customer uses the Company's website or application account and to ensure that all communications between the Company and the Customer are secure and confidential.

To manage the company's services for internal operations, including diagnosing problems and fixing problems

to comply with the law within the jurisdiction of the applicable court

For other purposes where the Company has obtained the consent of the Personal Data Subject before or while collecting the Personal Data. The company will notify the purpose of using personal information in each case.


4. Duration of retention of personal information

The Company will retain the Customer's personal information for a reasonable and necessary period for each type of personal information, and for the purposes stated above. unless required by law or allow for a longer storage period


5. Use, Disclosure, or Transfer of Personal Data

Personal information will be kept confidential. However, personal information may be used, disclosed, or transferred to the following parties:

  • Company's affiliates

  • business partner

  • third party service providers

  • Government and/or regulatory agencies

Subject to the provisions of applicable law and after obtaining the consent of the Customer

The Company may disclose Customer's personal information to other parties to the extent permitted under consent or law. The person or entity receiving such information will collect, use and/or disclose personal information to the extent allowed under consent or in connection with this notice.

The Company may work with third-party service providers. The Company will disclose the customer's personal information to such service providers only. To assist the Company in providing or enabling the Services for the stated purposes. The Company will take steps to ensure that the customer's personal information remains protected. and the third parties to whom the data is shared will process it by the Company's instructions and will not use the customer's personal data for their purposes or benefits. Such measures may include entering into contracts with third parties.

The Company may disclose the Customer's personal information in other limited circumstances. including responding to requests from governments or government agencies. or collaborating with other agencies according to legal issues in litigation, investigation, and other legal matters to which such information is relevant.

6. Security

The company takes technical measures and appropriate management to protect and secure personal data. The company has established a policy on protecting personal information to prevent recipients of the information. Use or disclose information that is unlawful or unauthorized or unlawful for collecting personal information.


7. Customer rights

The company will provide measures, channels, and procedures for customers to exercise their rights as personal data subjects as required by law and record and evaluate the response to the customer's exercise request. The customers can apply for various rights as required by law. And as stated in this announcement are as follows:

1) Right to request access and obtain a copy of personal data

2) the right to request the amendment of such information to be current and correct

3) Right to obtain personal information If the company has made the Personal Data in a readable or generally usable form using an automated tool or device and that the Personal Data can be used or disclosed by an automated means.

4) The right to request deletion, destruction, or making personal data non-personally identifiable. When the data becomes unnecessary or when the subject of personal data withdraws consent

5) Right to request for suspension of the use of personal data in the case when it is personal data that needs to be deleted or when such data is no longer necessary

6) Right to withdraw consent in the processing of information previously provided by the service user

7) Right to object The owner of the personal data has the right to object to the collection, use, or disclosure of the information at any time.


8. Contact for inquiries or exercise of rights

Contact the channel for inquiries in case of doubts, Suggestions, or concerns about the company's collection, use, and disclosure of personal information, this announcement, or if the customer wants to exercise their rights under the Personal Data Protection Law. You can contact us at

Data Controller

AlphaSec Co., Ltd.

Contact: 57 Park Ventures Ecoplex Building, 18th Floor, Witthayu Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330

Phone: 091-003-4852

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Contact: 57 Park Ventures Ecoplex Building, 18th Floor, Witthayu Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330


This policy was last updated on May 31, 2022.

I have read this announcement in its entirety and understood its contents.

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